What is it?

Tango Pilates® is an innovative mind-body cardio class. Created by Tamara Di Tella of Buenos Aires, and originally introduced to the medical community as Pilates-For-Two, this licensed DI TELLA Apparatus and its method is now endorsed by celebrities like Sting, Bryan Adams, and American Ballet Theater’s idol, Julio Bocca. Purchased as a license, the package includes a portable, stackable apparatus made for two; an owner’s manual; and a collection of DVDs featuring more than 1000+ movements. A new Tango choreographed Pilates challenge that grows in Europe and in the United States.

Its evokes certain principles of various disciplines. The New Method of Tamara Di Tella (Tangolates® or Tango Pilates®), comes with its own Apparatus. Ideal for “Duetto” sessions, these exercises include both Tango and Pilates, cardio and Rehab movements, and range from mind-body routines to aerobic choreographies. It’s an excellent core workout because your abdominal muscles are always engaged. It helps you get the tall and elegant posture a Tango dancer.

The DI TELLA® Apparatus features PVC Bars that are rigid enough to maintain themselves in an upright position, but flexible enough to move with your body while you perform the choreographies.

The DI TELLA® Apparatus has a simple design, solid construction in its wooden or iron version, and the put-on and take away accessories enable you to kneel, sit and stand for a wide variety of exercises and choreographies.

Following the legendary saying: “it takes two to Tango…” all the routines and exercises can be performed in couples, though they do not necessarily touch.

The DI TELLA® Apparatus is small (39 inches x 39 inches aprox.), and it’s squared shape makes it easy to carry, stack and store, one on top of the other, in a corner of the Studio when the class is over; or under the bed, if you happen to be in your house. It comes with its own book; the Instructive Manual; and a Collection of 30-minute DVD’s that include all levels of workouts.