Tangolates® or Tango Pilates® is an innovative mind-body cardio class. Created by Tamara Di Tella® of Buenos Aires, and originally introduced to the medical community as Pilates-For-Two©, this licensed DI TELLA® Apparatus and its method is now endorsed by celebrities like Sting, Bryan Adams, and American Ballet Theater’s idol, Julio Bocca. Purchased as a license, the package includes a portable, stackable apparatus made for two; an owner’s manual; and a collection of 8 DVDs featuring more than 1000+ movements. A new Tango choreographed core-centric pilates challenge re-worked by creator Tamara Di Tella. It grows in Europe and in the United States. It evokes some elements of cardio, Tango and Pilates as well as some principles of Rehabilitation, but it is a method in its own right.

THE WASHINGTON POST wrote an article about this innovative Method. The TAMARA DI TELLA TANGO PILATES Licenses can be found in countries as diverse as Germany, Brazil, Chile, Italy and Australia, among others.

Our Tango Pilates Licenses clients are…

Tango Pilates is for people of all ages and all capacities but it is ideal for socially active, fitness oriented, non- smoking, healthy eating, youth preserving, cultural traveling, wellness seeker, appearance conscious, self-improving, music loving, hard working, results-oriented… people of all ages!!