Butts don’t lie
As the predonderance of tight jeans and gluteoplasty would attest, Buenos Aires is a city besotted with buttocks.
Pilates has earned a devoted following here as a sure-fire way to a perfect posterior. It’s also a great posture required to twirl around a two were destined to meet and have babies.
In 2004, porteña Tamara Di Tella was rehabilitating Parkinson’s patients when she discovered two keys things: they responded well to the strong rhythm of tango; and their coordination improved when they excercised in pairs.
Working with tango tunes and the premise that it takes two to get quickly gained popularity among gym bunnies and tangopholes, with students mirroring each other while worked out on Pilates equipment.
Tangolates now has over a thousand sweat-inducing excercises in its arsenal, and its fans include Sting, Salma Hayek and ballet dancer Julio Bocca.
Now that’s an endorsement we can get behind.

Tamara Di Tella Tangolates Studio is at Rodriguez Peña 1296, Recoleta (4813-1216, www.tamaraditella.com).