From Argentina to Israel and beyond, MARIE CLAIRE readers share their top body-tuning secrets By Joanne Chen JANE FONDA WORKOUTS and low-fat foods may be purely American inventions, but the notion of keeping fit has definite international appeal.

We asked women from key global cities for a page out of their food and fitness diaries—and for their cultural and personal perspectives on good health. The bottom line? Looking and feeling fierce goes beyond borders.

From Argentina
Stock analyst in Buenos Aires

Workout: Tamara Di Tella Tango Pilates (pilates with tango music)

Breakfast: Cereal, fruit, coffee, orange juice.

Lunch: Two cups of soup first—”Always! It prevents overeating”—then sliced chicken or tuna salad.

Dinner: Two cups of soup, grilled steak with green salad.

Snack: None on weekdays, but on weekends, alfajores—thick dulce de leche cookies. They’re practically the national obsession.

Recent Indulgence: At an asado, aka Argentinean barbecue: a cheese table with olives, bread, and wine, followed by roasted vegetables, sausage sandwiches, salad, and a very thick steak. For dessert? A vigilante—cheese topped with sweet-potato jam.