Tamara Di Tella School of Training started in the year 1999. Since 2003/4 the Tamara Di Tella Pilates Training Program takes place in the medical community and it includes practices with patients with motor disorders in Public Hospitals.

The Tamara Di Tella Pilates Training belongs to the International IDEA Director Program, New York, United States.

We are Associate Members of IHRSA (International Health and Sports Association), of Boston, United States of America

In Europe, we have a reciprocal agreement with the Pilates Federation of Madrid, Spain.
In 2009, the American Chamber of Commerce of the United States wrote an article about Tamara Di Tella (Comments, No. 4, Year 8, July 2009) specifically mentioning the growth of the trademark Tamara Di Tella® in Argentina, Latin America, as well as Europe and the United States of America.

Tamara Di Tella has a long and distinguished career. She is considered an innovative creator of new scientifically based methods, such as Tangolates® – Tango Pilates® – services which started in the medical community and are now going mainstream. Tangolates ®or Tango Pilates® evoke some principles or elements of Tango, some of Pilates and a substantial part of rehabilitation techniques with the addition of rhythm, which result in and entirely new product of her own creation that can be performed either on a MAT as well as on an Apparatus DI TELLA TRAINER®

Our Certification is valid internationally and it enables our students to work with customers. There are instructors certified by the Tamara Di Tella School of Pilates currently working in Argentina, United States, England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, Philippines, Canary Islands, Paraguay, Peru, Chile, El Salvador, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico. Australia.

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